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Summertime is waiting, and so is our very own wonderful city! Let’s get to know an unusual side of Kraków – on the wings of the city’s ubiquitous pigeons, in the footsteps of the Wawel Dragon and looking round through a magnifying glass! The Kids in Kraków map takes us to places shrouded in mystery, concealing long-forgotten treasures and intertwining tradition with modernity. It tells us where to find an Indian wigwam, points to the best picnic sites and the most stunning panoramas of the city, and reveals a hidden mummy. Kids discover where the dragon wandered, learn the secrets of the towers of St Mary’s Basilica, find out why the Main Market Square is home to so many pigeons, and study the workings of gyroscopes. Get hold of the Kids in Kraków map to make sure your kids don’t have a moment of boredom during the summer holidays!

The Kids in Kraków map is available for free at InfoKraków tourist information points.


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