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PLAY KRAKÓW is Poland’s first VOD platform for exploring urban CULTURE.

Great music festivals, theatre performances, recitals and meetings with authors from all over the globe are just some events covered by the platform. You can access material recorded and shared by Krakow’s cultural institutions as well as events streamed live.

The platform is a tool allowing the public to participate in myriad events in the city. It has been operating online for several months, and it’s been hosting festivals, concerts, meetings and spectacles. “From now on, Krakow will have a single platform for accessing local entertainment and cultural education activities. We decided to make much of the material free precisely for this reason. We have invited all institutions in the city to publish their events on our platform,” explains Jacek Majchrowski, Mayor of the City of Krakow.

PLAY KRAKÓW is the only VOD platform of its kind in Poland, filled with culture, education and business straight from Krakow. The materials, which can be accessed immediately after logging in to the platform include concerts, music performances, theatre plays, debates, virtual walks and guided tours, as well as meetings with authors from all over the world, extensive educational programmes, conferences, congresses and a selection of hybrid events.

The main air of the platform is to enable all recipients to access culture, education and business, especially during the prolonged pandemic, when not all events can take place in the traditional formula. The platform not only makes it possible for us to publish previously registered recordings from conferences, congresses, galas, fashion shows, marketing events and all kinds of industry and cultural meetings, but also enables streaming, building an audio library or database of educational materials. The objective of PLAY KRAKÓW is to showcase the extensive and diverse nature of the cultural, educational and business offer in the capital of Małopolska, as well as the multitude of companies, institutions, centres, foundations and activists who make it happen.  We want it to become a tool for increasing its accessibility and strengthening the image of the city that favours culture organisers.

KBF – PLAY KRAKÓW administrator

We are a municipal cultural institution *, we work for creative industries development ©, business &, cultural tourism #, the meetings industry + leisure industries …

This is what KBF means. But it means much more besides. It means people behind hundreds of events held in the city every year. It means meetings with representatives of culture and business. It means emotions evoked by performances at huge outdoor stages. It means unforgettable memories of concert halls. It means countless events at venues throughout Krakow: the well-known ones which have long been bringing culture to the city, and the small, hidden ones which illuminate alternative themes and directions. It means all the thoughts and gestures exchanged everywhere – in the front row, in the ticket line, behind the scenes, on the way to and from. KBF is an open book, and the colon in our new logo is an invitation to ask: what should follow it? We know what we are capable of, but the final say is always with you. The colon is for you, because your feelings are what make all our events special.


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